Second Offense DUI in Arizona
and the Potential Consequences of a Conviction

dui-arizona-02Most people who live, work and travel in Arizona tend to understand that the state is notorious for its extremely tough DUI laws. People who are convicted of DUI even for the first time in the state face heavy fines, the potential for jail time and ongoing sanctions such as having an ignition interlock device installed even after they ultimately regain their driving privileges. In short, no one wants to face the penalties that come with a first-time DUI conviction in Arizona.

However, people can and still do make this mistake, and when they do and they are convicted the hope is that they will never make this mistake again. At the point the first conviction is rendered, the clock begins to tick. That’s because anyone who has made this mistake needs to avoid making it again for at least seven years. If they do not and they are arrested on suspicion of a second DUI within that timeframe, they could face even more severe penalties.

If someone faces the possibility of a conviction for a second DUI in Arizona within seven years, the minimum statutory sentence on a second offense DUI charge is the following:

  • 90 days in jail; up to 60 days may be suspended upon successful completion of the alcohol screening and treatment program
  • Alcohol/drug screening evaluation and treatment/education as ordered by the court
  • $500.00 fine plus surcharges
  • Motor vehicle department will assess points against your driver's license and may require Traffic Survival School
  • Motor vehicle department will revoke your privilege to drive for one year because of the second DUI conviction
  • $1250.00 Arizona Prison Construction fine
  • $1250.00 Department of Public Safety fine
  • You may be required to pay jail costs
  • You will be required to install an interlock device in your vehicle for one year after your license is reinstated
  • Up to 5 years of probation.

Clearly, these are harsh penalties to face, and anyone who is facing a second conviction for DUI in Arizona needs to waste no time whatsoever in building his or her defense. Waiting and hoping for something good to happen will merely invite more problems and potentially a more negative result when all is said and done. A defense needs to be built and asserted proactively so that the chance of mitigating the harm that will ultimately be done rises.

If you have been arrested on suspicion of DUI and it would represent your second conviction, you need to understand the basic legal rights you have at your disposal. You need to make sure that you secure legal representation that can bring a reputation to the case that will help you with any bargaining position that could be available with the prosecutors. If you have been arrested on suspicion of this charge, contact the Arizona DUI defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Douglas A. Schwab today to schedule an initial consultation.


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