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When someone is arrested on suspicion of Arizona DUI in Scottsdale, that person often encounters several different emotions, most of which are quite normal.  People tend to experience fear, stress, anxiety and any other emotions that tend to lead to a lack of action.  Anyone who is in this position needs to work past these emotions long enough to contact an experienced Scottsdale DUI attorney as soon as possible to begin the process of building a strong defense.  Below you’ll find an overview of what’s involved in the aftermath of an Arizona DUI arrest.

The DMV Hearing

When someone is arrested on suspicion of Arizona DUI, that person faces two legal processes as a result, and they are largely separate procedures.  The first procedure to move forward is a civil or administrative hearing with the DMV.  This hearing is held in order to determine whether or not the defendant’s driving privileges should be suspended.

What’s most important in an immediate sense is that someone who is arrested for DUI in Arizona must request a hearing with the DMV within 15 days of the date of arrest in writing.  Failure to request this hearing will result in what’s seen as a waiver of a right to it and will lead to an automatic suspension of driving privileges.  Those in this position should seek the help of a Scottsdale DUI attorney to make sure that this written request is completed and delivered properly.

The Criminal Prosecution

In addition to the DMV hearing that must be requested quickly, the criminal prosecution of the case will also commence soon after an arrest.  As time moves forward and politicians continue to react to the outcry from the public regarding the dangers of drunk driving, the penalties for even a first-time Arizona DUI can be quite harsh.

What used to be seen as a relatively minor matter should now be viewed as something that should only be handled with the help of a Scottsdale DUI defense lawyer.  That’s because even first-time offenders can face jail time and other ongoing sanctions that are expensive, humiliating and harmful to one’s overall productivity if that person is convicted of the charges.

How Scottsdale DUI Lawyers Can Help

If you or someone you love has been arrested for Arizona DUI, you have little if any time to act.  You need to immediately begin the process of defending your legal rights on two different fronts.  You should start this process as soon as possible by seeking the help of Scottsdale DUI defense lawyers who have been defending the rights of the accused for many years.  Contact the Law Offices of Douglas A. Schwab today to schedule an initial consultation.

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