Extreme DUI in Arizona
Convictions Can Lead to Extreme Penalties

Throughout the United States, the legal limit for alcohol in an adult’s system while driving is 0.08.  This is standard, basically uniform and familiar to almost anyone who has a driver’s license.  Many people believe that this is a relatively low standard given their level of actual impairment when they reach this level of alcohol in their system, but that is irrelevant – if someone registers above the legal limit, that person will be arrested and prosecuted for DUI in Arizona and face stiff penalties as a result if he or she is ultimately convicted.

However, the legislature in Arizona has taken an additional step with regards to this issue.  It has enacted a statute that is basically known as ‘extreme’ DUI by people who deal with this law on a regular basis.  Extreme DUI in Arizona speaks to the level of alcohol in a person’s blood at the time of arrest.  Below you will find a brief overview of extreme DUI as it exists in Arizona.  Anyone who faces this or any related charge needs to obtain the help of Arizona DUI defense lawyers as soon as possible.

Extreme DUI in Arizona – A Brief Explanation

As stated above, a ‘regular’ DUI can be charged if a person’s BAC was 0.08 or above at the time of the measurement.  However, extreme DUI involves anyone whose BAC was 0.15 or higher at the time the measurement was taken.  It should be noted that this measurement of BAC need only occur within two hours of operating a vehicle.  Therefore, simply pulling into a destination does not remove the possibility of this arrest.

Extreme DUI Penalties

As one would expect, people who are convicted of extreme DUI in Arizona can and do face extreme penalties.  Below is a list of the sanctions that a convicted defendant could face:

  1. 30 days in jail
  2. Alcohol/drug screening evaluation and treatment/education as ordered by the Court
  3. $250.00 fine plus surcharges
  4. Motor vehicle department will assess points against your driver's license and may require Traffic Survival School
  5. Motor vehicle department will suspend your privilege to drive either through the Admin Per Se/Implied Consent process or because of the DUI conviction
  6. $1,000.00 Arizona Prison Construction fine
  7. $1,000.00 Department of Public Safety fine
  8. You may be required to pay jail costs
  9. $250.00 DUI abatement fund fee
  10. You will be required to install an interlock device in your vehicle for one year after your license is reinstated
  11. Up to 5 years of probation

Clearly, this is a heavy price to pay for a mistake.  If you or someone you love has been arrested on suspicion of extreme DUI or any related crime, you need to seek the help of Arizona DUI defense lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of the accused for many years.  Contact the Law Offices of Douglas A. Schwab today to schedule an initial consultation.



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