Case Results

State v. AODUI, Extreme DUIExtreme DUI dismissed at trial
State v. CGDUI, DUI >.08Jury Trial, Not Guilty, All Counts
State v. GRExtreme DUIReduced to Reckless, No Jail
State v. CMUnderage DUIDismissed
State v. SADUIReduced to Reckless
State v. MS1 Year License RevocationDismissed after hearing
State v. DAExtreme DUI > .150, DUIReduced to Reckless, no jail
State v. BFDUI, DUI > .08, Underage DUIDismissed, All Charges
State v JVUnder 21 Alcohol ConsumptionDismissed
State v ACDUI and Hit & RunReduced to Reckless
State v LADUIReduced to Reckless
State v LSDUIReduced to Reckless
State v AFExtreme DUIReduced to Reckless
State v JMDUIReduced to Reckless
State v KSDUIDismissed
State v. B.B.Disorderly Conduct and Criminal TrespassDismissed
State v. T.A.Disorderly ConductDismissed
State v K.T.DUIReduced to civil traffic violation.
State v J.P.DUI DrugsDismissed
State v C.P.DUIReduced to Reckless no jail
State v B.L.DUIDismissed
State v K.H.AssaultTrial: Not Guilty
State v. JWDUITrial: Not Guilty
State v. BVShopliftingDismissed at Trial
State v. JBKidnapping, Armed Robbery, Burglary 2nd DegreeDismissed
State v. CGAssault-DVDismissed at Trial
State v. WWDUI DrugsDismissed
State v. A.K.DUIDismissed
State v. R.C.Criminal Damage-Domestic ViolenceDismissed at Trial
State v. S.N.Super Extreme DUIReduced with work release
State v. J.D.DUIDismissed at Trial
State v. K.B.Vehicular ManslaughterReduced-Probation, No Jail
State v. S.L.Extreme DUIReduced to Non Extreme
State v. J.L.Super Extreme DUIReduced with work release
State v. M.S.Aggravated DUI (Felony)Dismissed
State v. MTProbation ViolationReinstated to Probation
State v. MBSale of Meth, Over ThresholdProbation
State v. KLExtreme DUIDismissed
State v. TBDUIJury Trial, Not Guilty
State v. FDDUIReduced to Reckless, no jail
State v. LSDUIDismissed
State v. LBDUIReduced to Reckless, no jail
State v. HWDUIDismissed
State v. BSDV AssaultDismissed
State v. FFExtreme DUI w/ PriorReduced to 2nd non-extreme
State v. JRFelony Domestic ViolenceReduced to Misdemeanor
State v. NLSet AsideGranted
State v. RMCriminal DamageDismissed
State v. FJAssaultDismissed
State v. JSDisorderly ConductDismissed
State v. DGExtreme DUIReduced to DUI
State v. MPDV AssaultDismissed
State v. JRDV AssaultTrial -Not Guilty
State v. IMAggravated DUIReduced to Misdemeanor
State v. JWIndecent ExposureTrial - Not Guilty
State v. MPDV AssaultDismissed
State v. ABDisorderly Conduct DangerReduced w/ no jail
State v. TSExtreme DUIReduced to DUI
State v. SSAssaultDismissed
State v. LGAssaultDismissed
State v. MPForgery Pre-charge RepresentationNo charges filed
State v. GPExtreme DUITrial -Not Guilty
State v. EPAssault/Criminal DamageTrial -Not Guilty
State v. ABExtreme DUIReduced to DUI
State v. SSCriminal SpeedReduced to civil violation
State v. RWProbation ViolationNo jail
State v. EVDUI drugsDismissed
State v. ASDV AssaultDismissed
State v. KBDUIReduced to Reckless, no jail
State v. RWAggravated DUIReduced to Misd / Endangerment
State v. ABDUICivil Traffic Points
State v. MPForgeryReduced w/ no jail
State v. RRExtreme DUITrial - Not Guilty

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