Evidence Sharing Becoming Much More Efficient in Phoenix

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drunk-drivingMany of us have laughed and joked about the so-called efficiency of government on several levels. We have all been taught that government is a creature that moves extremely slowly and that nothing gets done before mountains of red tape have been eliminated. However, the sharing of data pursuant to DUI arrests in Phoenix is no joke for anyone, and people who face this or any DUI-related charge in the city may soon be facing a much more efficient government that has access to all the data and evidence that could relate to a DUI case.

Many of us use the Internet on a daily basis, and as a result we have gotten quite proficient with regards to accessing information that we may want or need on an automated basis. We may build RSS feeds into our computer so that we can immediately see stories that we may want to read. We build in text messaging capabilities that alert us whenever our bank account balance changes or when our credit score moves up or down.

As a result of all of this automation, we no longer have to chase down information. That can take a few minutes if we proactively access this data online, so having it sent to us automatically saves that much time on a given day. To many of us, the process of waiting for the newscast to come on television at night or waiting for the paper in the morning to know what’s happening is a distant memory at best. To many others, writing and sending letters and then waiting for a response to arrive in the mailbox is something that seems completely foreign.

Until recently, the Phoenix Prosecutor’s Offices was handling DUI cases and evidence relating to them with the equivalent speed of sending and receiving letters. People would have to gather information, organize it and then perhaps fax it to the appropriate place so that a case could advance. That could take days or even weeks, and it all contributed to wheels of justice that turned relatively slowly. That’s no longer the case.

The office was recently awarded funds that it used by implementing the Driving Under the Influence Interface Project. This project, which to date has cost approximately $38,000, will allow for personnel working with the office to transfer data to the appropriate places in the form of an electronic feed. Therefore, what used to take weeks in some cases will now take a matter of minutes, and people will not have to chase down data. It will simply arrive and be ready for them to use as necessary.

What this all means for someone who has been arrested on suspicion of DUI or DUI-related offenses in Phoenix is that they will need to view this situation with even more urgency. The more time someone has with information, the stronger the case they will be able to build. If you are facing this type of a criminal charge, contact the Arizona DUI defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Douglas A. Schwab today to schedule an initial consultation.

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