Arizona Domestic Violence Charges Lead to Serious Consequences

Many criminal laws that exist initially become laws because everyone can agree that if someone commits a particular act, he or she deserves to be held accountable by society. However, over time those laws can continue to develop and change to the point where they are as much a reflection of the legislative process as anything else. One example of this type of a law that exists in Arizona and around the country involves domestic violence. No one disagrees that people who abuse domestic partners should face consequences, but those consequences have become increasingly harsh in Arizona in recent years.

crminal-defense-lawyerAs such, anyone who faces a criminal charge that relates to domestic violence needs to take immediate action in order to protect his or her legal rights that are guaranteed under the Constitution. However, those rights need to be proactively asserted. Below you will find a brief overview of the legal issues that relate to domestic violence in the state. Anyone who is dealing with this type of a situation needs to obtain the help of Arizona criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible.

Domestic Violence Crimes – Who Can Be Charged?

As stated above, the scope of the domestic violence laws that exist in Arizona have changed over time to include a wider range of potential defendants. These days, if someone engages in abuse of an alleged victim and that victim is related to the accused by blood, by marriage or where the parties share at least one child, that abuse could be charged as domestic violence. In addition, if the alleged victim is someone whom the accused has lived with in the past, these acts could fall under the realm of these laws.

Domestic Violence – Why the Label Matters

These designations make a big difference in terms of the potential penalties faced, as people who face basic assault and battery charges may not be dealing with the same consequences as someone who is convicted of domestic violence. In addition, public policy and pressure demand that prosecutors take on every case of domestic violence and deal with it aggressively in hopes of securing a conviction, all of which makes the situation even more stressful for everyone involved.

Domestic Violence – Why You Need to Act

Courts and juries have never and will likely never hesitate to punish those who have been convicted of domestic violence harshly for all of the reasons mentioned above and others. That’s why anyone who is being investigated for this crime needs to act, as the prosecutors will be relentless in their pursuit of their desired result even if the alleged victim is not cooperating with that investigation.

If you or someone you love faces the possibility of being prosecuted for domestic violence, you need to seek the help of Arizona criminal defense lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of the accused for many years. Contact the Law Offices of Douglas A. Schwab today to schedule an initial consultation.

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